The tutor-web is a research based learning environment for personalised education.

Basics for students

The tutor-web was designed to be a research tool and includes an on-line drilling system. It has been used for several classes of 200-600 students, collecting up to 250 thousand student answers per year to drill questions in the largest classes. These pages will contain background information regarding the tutor-web. The actual tutor-web entrance is at but the following provides basic information for students.

If you are accessing this as a part of a course in a school, your instructor may have set up access for you. Otherwise, click the Register button on the front page. Again, if your work is a part of a class, then you will want to use your official school/university email address, not a personal email account.

Accessing content


Select the appropriate department, find a course and tutorial within the course. Then you can choose "Download tutorial notes" to access the reading material in this tutorial.

Accessing drills 

To use the drills you need to first register and from then on you just log in. This is needed so that the system can keep track of how well you are doing and can give you drills which are in line with how you are doing.

To start drills, go to the appropriate department, find a course and tutorial within the course. Then you can select a lecture and choose "Take a drill". Once you have started, you can go off-line and keep working on your phone or tablet.

Example: For a really simple test of the system, go to Elementary school mathematics and take some drills on addition. As you answer questions correctly you will see how your grade increases.



You earn Smileycoins as you work within the tutor-web.

Note: The tutor-web system is designed as a learning tool, giving SMLY as rewards upon completing drills. It is considered abuse of the tutor-web to register under multiple user names for the sole purpose of solving elementary drills to earn SMLY.  There is no learning involved in simply solving the same set of drills multiple times, as different users and in copies of the same lectures. This is therefore not considered acceptable use of the system.

Implementation details


More to come.