The tutor-web is a research based learning environment for personalised education.

Basics for instructors

The tutor-web is a research tool which includes an on-line drilling system. It has been used as a general tool for drills and distributing material, for several classes of 200-600 students, collecting annually up to 250 thousand student answers to drill questions in the largest classes. The answers are used for research purposes. These pages will contain background information regarding the tutor-web. The actual tutor-web entrance is at http://tutor-web.net but the descriptions below give an introduction for instructors and students. 

Administering students and classes


The tutor-web is completely open. Feel free to  visit the links,  http://tutor-web.net, browse and try it out in any way. 

The first thing for an instructor to do is to personally register in the tutor-web system (top of the front page at  http://tutor-web.net):

register button

Next, just head over to the tutor-web and try it out, to get a feel for the system. Log in to try out some drills, then take a look at the tutorial notes and so forth.

Once you feel comfortable with the system, send an email to tw@raunvis.hi.is, requesting instructor access (and start a discussion on what is needed). You will then get access to the folder "Schools and classes" and a folder will be set up for your class, where you can enter your students' email addresses and insert pointers to lectures which you want to cover in your course. Note that students can also self-register, but if they are formally enrolled in a class, they will get more Smileycoins and you will get to access their grades.

Should you want to set up a completely new course or tutorial, contact us at tw@raunvis.hi.is and we will see what can be done.

The best you can do for your students is to point them at the drills. The single most common problem we see is students having issues with high school mathematics. Just point them to the tutor-web.net and tell them to direct their browser at the high school math section where they can select any material they feel a need to practise. We suggest pointing them to the numbers and algebra sections and making sure they do not stop before they get a really high grade (e.g. 9.75 out of 10).

For more information, look at the detailed student information page, which is also the page which you should direct your students to look at. There is a separate page which describes the Smileycoin rewards mechanism. These "points", which students earn as their grade increases, are actually a cryptocurrency which can be used outside the tutor-web.


Extracting grades


Special links exist where an instructor can extract the grades of all students in the class, in CSV format appropriate for importing into spreadsheets or statistical packages. Contact us if you need instructor access.



We need your help: Writing content is a lot of work. If you have open material, please let us know. 

There is a tutorial on how to add content...





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Implementation details


Several papers describe the internals of the tutor-web. We hope to put a description here as well.