Crowdfunding 2015

In fall of 2015 a crowdfunding exercise was undertaken to send some tablet computers and laptops to Kenya. The purpose was to install "Education in a suitcase" in at least one location, with some additional goals set in case enough funds were raised. As it turned out all goals were met. Many thanks to all our supporters!

Education in a suitcase refers to a laptop server running the tutor-web software, storing the tutor-web content and serving tablet computers with drills or content.

  • Takawiri island was chosen as the first target school, as a particularly difficult location. Enough funds were raised to provide the entire graduating year-class with tablets.
  • The next goal was to fund a laptop server for Banjika Secondary School in Tanzania, where students already have tablets.
  • Third, one laptop server at Maseno University, Kenya.
  • Fourth, one laptop server plus tablets for Naivasha Maximum Security Prison in Kenya.


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