Earning Smileycoins directly into a wallet

Those interested in cryptocurrencies quickly find that it is quite difficult to buy electronic coins in most currencies. It is not at all like buying a toy car from Amazon but much more like going to a new bank and trying to get a credit card for the first time. 

This is completely different for the Smileycoin since students earn SMLY by studying in the freely accessible tutor-web system.

The most recent Smileycoin wallet, for Android, has a direct link to the tutor-web so students can redeem their rewards directly, without exiting the wallet. This gives tutor-web students the opportunity to play with cryptocurrencies without going through the hassle of buying coins on exchanges. This will appear on the tutor-web.info site in the coming week, as a development version.

The next step will be to give options for spending the SMLY. Presently this just points to an exchange but other options are being evaluated.