Open Course: Computing and calculus for applied statistics

The course “Computing and calculus for applied statistics” will start Jan 12, 2015. This course is intended to give students a useful background in math and computing, for using and studying applied statistics. The material is directed only to applications in statistics. The course is on-line at and it is (mostly) a self-study course, but with on-line guidance.
The course is completely open: Students at the University of Iceland can register through their university accounts; others please send an email to
Student assignments are of four types:
  • multiple-choice drills on the tutor-web;
  • student-submissions and peer-review of new multiple-choice drills (tutor-web);
  • student-submitted worked examples (submissions in latex);
  • student-submitted links to useful material.




The final grade is a simple pass/fail and will be based on the tutor-web grade. In addition, students will get SMLY - electronic smileycoins (a cryptocurrency) - for performance.
Students will interact with each other and with the instructor on the piazza and tutor-web platforms.
Note that there is only formal accreditation if you are registered through a formal educational institution. Note also that you are free to participate in the course with no formal registration, but we urge you to at least send in your email address in order to receive announcements, scheduling, on-line guidance, links to material etc.